5E Model Challenge

Create an engaging, student-driven 5E Model Unit in just 5 days using the lessons you already have or have always wanted to do

Full 5E Model Unit in 5 Days
Are You Ready!

The 5E model centers around students discovering the information through inquiry-investigations and then processing their learning and applying it. This workshop will guide you through creating lessons that will foster a students thirst for knowledge and put them in the driver's seat. By the end of the 5 days you will have a complete 5E model unit ready to go where you become more of a coach and facilitator instead of the giver of information as you guide your students through the discovery process.

Imagine what your life would be like when you enter school and you have all of your lessons ready to go for the next two or three weeks.  Lessons that are engaging, thought provoking, and student empowering.  You no longer spend your days giving the students information, instead you spend your time guiding the students as they investigate and create their own ideas  about the concept.  And you had a community of supportive teachers to collaborate with guided by someone that has been successfully creating classes where students take ownership of their learning for years and is still in the classroom just like you.

Before I tell you about this amazing 5E Model challenge that will change you and your student's lives, do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re motivated, compassionate, and driven but unsure of how to create a full unit of engaging lessons where the students are investigating the information instead of being given the information.
  • You’re tired of spending most of your days doing all the hard work and thinking while the students just passively learn what they are told they need to know.
  • You’ve heard of the benefits of getting students to take more ownership of their learning through inquiry investigations but your unsure of how you can do it while making sure the students still pass the state or district test
  • You’re done with cookie-cutter approach to teaching or the old school way of reading a textbook and answering questions and want to create more personalized lessons that help students develop skills for life. 

Whether you're...

  • New to teaching and still trying to figure everything out. 
  • A veteran teacher that is wanting to try new things. 
  • Feeling the mid-career drain and interested in finding joy in teaching again.

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how The 5E model Workshop will give you the tools and strategies to create engaging, inquiry-based lessons to empower your students throughout a full 5E model unit.

What You will Get When You Join the Challenge

Introduction: Set the Stage 

  • Understand the purpose of the 5E model
  • Choose your standard and identify what the students should be able to do by the end of the unit
  • Identify the key concepts and vocabulary

Day 1: Engaging the Students

  • Demystify Phenomenon
  • Create your quick engage activity to get the students interested in the topic
  • Gather your labs and activities for the unit in preparation for the next day

Day 2: Explore Inquiry

  • Understand the purpose of having students investigate the topic on their own before they are given any information
  • Brief overview of science stations and how to use them during the explore phase
  • Introduction to CER and how to use it at the end of the explore phase
  • Create inquiry-investigation lessons for the explore phase of the unit

Day 3: Explain the topic

  • Overview of the explain phase and the importance of having students share their understanding
  • Brief overview of flipped lessons and how they can free up class time and meet the needs of all your students during the explain phase
  • Create lessons that will explain the key concepts and vocabulary

Day 4: Extend the learning through elaboration

  • Understand the purpose of the elaboration phase
  • Brief overview of menu boards and student choice and how they can empower students during this phase
  • Create engaging lessons that will challenge the students to go beyond the basic understanding

Day 5: Evaluate the learning

  • Overview of the purpose of the evaluate phase
  • Moving beyond the standard test
  • Brief overview of standards based grading and how it works with the 5E model
  • Create your end of unit assessment based on the standard 

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