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The Flipped Classroom Academy

A proven step-by-step, flipped classroom plan to successfully flip your class and get your students to take charge of their learning.

The Flipped Classroom Academy is the only step-by-step, results-focused implementation program with proven strategies and tools that not only shows you exactly how to implement successfully the flipped classroom model, it also shows you how to get students invested in the process and eager to spend more time in class engaged in learning.

Imagine all of the activities you could do in your classroom if you weren’t taking up time lecturing and students came to class prepared to go deeper because they already learned the basic information at home.

And you had a community of supportive teachers to collaborate with guided by someone that has been successfully flipping their class for years and is still in the classroom just like you.

Before I tell you about this amazing flipped classroom program that will change you and your student's lives, do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re motivated, compassionate, and driven but getting tired of trying to figure out how you are supposed to meet all of the needs of your students while working within the pacing guidelines.
  • You’re tired of spending most of your days lecturing and trying to get students to understand the basic information and vocabulary when really all you want to do is get them applying, creating, and evaluating.
  • You’ve heard of the benefits of the flipped classroom but you don’t see how it could possibly work with your students.
  • You’re an innovative teacher who wants to maximize their instructional time and get students doing more high-level activities.
  • You’re done with time-sucking lectures and are ready to make your lessons more engaging. 

Whether you're...

  • New to teaching and still trying to figure everything out.
  • A veteran teacher that is wanting to try new things.
  • Feeling the mid-career drain and interested in finding joy in teaching again.

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how The Flipped Classroom Academy will give you the tools, strategies and unparalleled support on your journey to creating a successful flipped classroom and having your students take ownership of their learning.

By the end of this program,
you will have:

  • Put a system in place that fosters students taking ownership of their learning and turns the teacher into the facilitator instead of the giver of knowledge.
  • Created a year overview of what your course will look like that takes into account your district pacing and standards that need to be taught. 
  • Thought out and prepared for different hurdles that you might face when moving from a traditional classroom to a flipped classroom. 
  • Provided your administration, students, and parents with the expectations of the flipped classroom and how it will benefit students on their journey to becoming successful scholars. 
  • Created your first few flipped lessons and gained the confidence you need to successfully implement the flipped classroom model all year long.

Hi, I’m Kristi- science teacher, flipped classroom enthusiast, single mom, and unapologetic despiser of plastic pink flamingos and garden gnomes.

It was my 10th year teaching and my 8th year of teaching the then-new California Science Standards.  I was missing the days when students were doing projects and tons of hands-on activities.  I was spending so much time lecturing and trying to help them learn the basics that I wasn’t able to do as many labs,  inquiry investigations, or projects as I wanted.  I had students that were struggling to keep up with the notes and others that were so fast in note-taking that they were bored and starting to cause problems.

I knew there had to be a better way.   I discovered the flipped classroom model where students learn the basics at home and time in class is then spent engaging and applying.   I was doing more activities, more labs, and my students were enjoying science again.  Through the years I have developed strategies that have allowed me to create a successful flipped classroom environment that encourages students to take ownership of their learning.  I want to share my knowledge with you so that you can successfully flip your classroom the first year and not through trial and error over the next few years like I did. 

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If you're ready to ditch the lectures and help your students take ownership of their learning without the overwhelm and frustration of trying something new with only Youtube, Pinterest, and Google as your guide….

I’m going to tell you exactly how The Flipped Classroom Academy will give you the tools, strategies, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to implementing the flipped classroom model

Unit 1: Set the Stage

Before you start anything, it is important to know why you are doing it, what you want to accomplish and create a roadmap for getting there.

We’ll start with reviewing the benefits of the flipped classroom model so that you can gain clarity about what your purpose and goals are for implementing the flipped classroom model.

Next, you’ll map out and schedule your entire course for the year so that you have a crystal clear picture of what you’ll be working towards.

Finally, you’ll organize and create a game plan for your first few units of instruction to help guide your flipped lesson creations.


The work you will do in this step will help guide you as you transition from the traditional classroom to the flipped classroom.

  • Why are you flipping? What is the purpose of implementing the flipped classroom model, what benefits are you trying to achieve, what are the goals you want to accomplish?
  • Map out your entire course so that you know how many units you will be teaching, what the standards will be, where does everything fit.
  • Create your game plan for the first few units to guide you on which information you will need to flip and which activities you students will be working on in class to extend their knowledge.

Unit 2: Preparing to Flip

Now that you have your goals and roadmap all laid out, it’s time to do make some decisions on how you will create your videos. It is important to understand your options so that you can choose which will be best for you based on your needs and current level of technology.

We’ll start by learning the ins and outs of the different platforms you could use to present your information to your students.

Then you’ll get familiar with various recording tools to use so that you can make a choice that is best for you without feeling the overwhelm of learning something new.

Finally, you’ll become acquainted with a few editing software that can be useful to take your videos from amateur to Youtube star.


You’ll learn the technical aspect of flipping a class. From simple, easy-to-use tools to more advanced for those that are ready. You’ll be able to make decisions based on your own needs around topics such as...

  • Learn about the various presentation platforms out there and which one is the easiest to use based on your own experience.
  • Discover the various video creation tools available for creating videos and learn the basics for each one so that you can confidently choose the one that would be best for you.
  • Explore different editing software and learn the ins and outs of them so that you can take your videos from drab to fab.

Unit 3: Flipping For Success

Before you do the hard work of making the videos and planning the activities for the unit,  it’s time to build your classroom environment and set you up for success.

We’ll start off with creating your expectations for the students during home and while in the classroom so that everyone knows what they need to do.

Then, we’ll discuss the importance of modeling for student success giving students a visual of what is expected of them and guidance for this new way of learning.

Next, you’ll get to really know your students and build those relationships. Students that feel a connection with their teacher are more likely to do the activities the teacher asks of them.

We’ll then move onto building those relationships with the parents and administrators to help get everyone on the same page about the benefits of the flipped classroom model and how it will help the students be more successful.

Finally, we will tackle the question, “what if students don’t watch the video” and create a plan of attack so that if and when it happens we are prepared for it.


Having a clear set of expectations and a game plan for addressing possible obstacles that might occur helps create a positive flipped classroom environment where students can succeed in their learning.

  • Creating your class expectations for your flipped classroom.
  • Understanding the power of modeling for a clear visual of what students are supposed to do.
  • Relationship building with students to get to know them.
  • Parent and administration involvement to inform about the difference between the flipped classroom model and the traditional model and how it can better support the students.
  • Planning for obstacles that might get in the way of a successful flipped class. 

Unit 4: Creating Videos

Now that you have laid the groundwork and you are familiar with all the tools involved in creating a video it’s time to start taking action.

We’ll begin with creating your presentation slides so making sure to include all of the key concepts, ideas, and examples your students will need to build the foundation of their learning of the topic.

Then, I’ll guide you through the process of using the screen recording software you choose from the previous lessons to create your video offering support and tips along the way.

Next, with support, you’ll take your rough draft video and use the editing software to polish it up and turn it from drab to fab.

Finally, you’ll decide on the best way to have students access your video that will also provide you and your student’s feedback.


We’ll take your in-class style and incorporate it into your videos to continue the relationships and connections you have with your students while they watch the video at home.

  • Creating your presentation with the base foundation of information that students can build upon.
  • Recording your presentation and infusing your personality into it.
  • Editing your video with tips and strategies that will take your video from drab to fab.
  • Hosting your video on a platform that will allow you to gather feedback on how well they understood the information.

Unit 5: Interact and Reflect

It’s not enough to have students just watch the video. They need to engage with it and then reflect on their understanding of the knowledge. They need to know what they learned, where they are still struggling, and what questions they now have about the information.

We’ll start by determining what you want students to do while they are watching the video. You’ll determine the type of resource that students will create and how students will interact with the video as they are watching it so that students become familiar with a set of routines as they engage with the video.

Then, you’ll decide how the students will reflect on their learning so that they become aware of what they understand, where they are still struggling, and what they want to know. This is where the true power of the video comes in, helping students be aware of their learning and points of confusion.


We’ll help you turn your students into active learners instead of passive learners by helping them engage with the video and reflect on their learning by creating routines that guide them.

  • How will the students engage in the video and what will they create while watching it?
  • What will students do to discover their level of understanding? 
  • What information do they understand? 
  • What information is still confusing?
  • What information do they want to know more about?

Unit 6: Extend the Learning

This is where real learning takes place. You’ll create the class of your dreams where students take ownership of their learning and dive into those higher-level activities.

We’ll begin with using your unit guide you’ve already created to make a set routine of what the students will be doing while they are in the class with you so that everyone knows the purpose and end goal.

Then, we’ll discuss different ways you could differentiate your class, lesson, activity, to better meet the individual needs of your students in a manageable way to reduce overwhelm.

Finally, I’ll take you through the benefits of using data to drive your instruction and help put your students into the driver’s seat of their learning. 


This is where you get to use all of your engaging, high-level activities that you never seem to have time for. To have those deeper conversations.

  • Going deeper using activities you already have or want to incorporate into your class now that you have moved the lectures to the home and have more time to do the higher learning activities.
  • Differentiating your lessons in a manageable way to meet the needs of your students.
  • Learning how to use data to drive your instruction.


"I learned a lot of new ideas and strategies from the Flipped Classroom Academy.  My students are more engaged and successful and teaching has become more fun.  After taking the Flipped Classroom Academy, flipping my class was easy to do."
                                      - Emily Kavanagh High School SPED Social                                           Studies (Flipped Classroom Academy                                                  Student Fall 2021

Why Students Wished More Teachers Implemented the Flipped Classroom

"The videos allow me to either take it slow when I need to or rush through if I already know an amount of the concept beforehand."
                                     -Joshua 8th grade student

"I liked that I could go at my pace and I wasn't rushed. I could do the notes how I wanted to and watch the video again before a test."
                                            - Maria 8th grade student

When you enroll in this ONE OF A KIND COURSE you’ll get:

Flipped Classroom Academy

(a $3,457 Value)

  • 6 Implementation steps showing you precisely what you need to construct a successful flipped classroom.
  • A complete step-by-step implementation guide explaining how to plan, create, edit, and host your flipped videos without taking up your whole weekend.
  • A system of routines and expectations to set your students up for success when you implement the flipped classroom model.
  • Guidance on how to maximize your time with students to help them take ownership of their learning.

You’ll be given access to one step at a time with a one-week break in the middle so that you have ample time to implement what you are learning BEFORE moving onto the next.

We do this to protect your time, attention and focus while sparing you from the intense overwhelm that stops many teachers in their tracks when trying something new.

Plus These Bonuses To Help You Generate Unstoppable Momentum (And Keep It) While You Build And Implement Your Flipped Classroom.

Bonus #1

Monthly live office hours inside the private Flipped Classroom Academy Facebook group for members only.

Get unstuck in a matter of minutes and maintain your momentum right through your flipped classroom implementation.

What You'll Get:

  • Monthly Live Q&A in our private Facebook group to get your burning questions answered and you can move forward with total clarity and confidence.
  • A community of motivated teachers to support each other on the journey of creating a successful flipped classroom to make sure you get unstuck in a matter of minutes instead of doing it on your own.
  • A space to overcome isolation and constantly refill your motivational tank by connecting with other flipped classroom teachers who “get” the journey and are here to help you cross the finish line.

Bonus #2

A comprehensive Flipped Classroom Academy workbook with all of the lessons and action steps in one place so that you have a roadmap of what you will be learning and when during the program.

What You'll Get:

  • PDF workbook that lays out the whole program for you with the key objectives of each lesson and actions steps you will be taking
  • A calendar of events to inform you when the different lessons will be available and when the Live Q&A sessions will take place so you can plan accordingly.
  • An area where you can take notes and write down your biggest take-aways and aha moments.

Bonus #3

A tech library filled with everything you need to help you flip your class.

What You'll Get:

  • How to videos taking you step-by-step on video creation, editing, and hosting.
  • How to PDF with descriptions and pictures to show the basic steps for video creation, editing, and hosting.

Bonus #4

Certificate of completion that you might be able to use toward PD or CEU hours.

What You'll Get:

  • A certificate that states you completed the Flipped Classroom Academy and includes the hours spent on the course.

Plus You’ll be backed by a Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee

Let me say this upfront.

The Flipped Classroom Academy is the most comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program for teachers who are excited and committed to creating and implementing the Flipped Classroom model this year to get their students to take more ownership of their learning.

Our community is highly curated and filled with helpful, motivated, and super-supportive members who are creating flipped classrooms. When you join, you will be part of this special group.

Now here’s the kicker.

By the end of 14 days, you’ll have received access to the comprehensive Flipped Classroom Academy workbook as well as the first two lessons.

Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to map out your year and goals and decide on your video creation plan BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by your flipping journey (and your ability to flip your class like a pro), simply reach out, show us you’ve put in the work, and we’ll refund your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Burning Quesitions your fellow flipped classroom teachers asked before grabbing their access.

Time! I’m already doing so much. I don’t think I have the time to add one more thing to my plate.

  • By taking this course, and implementing everything you learned, you will actually be saving yourself time.
  • Instead of spending hours researching on Google, Pinterest, and Youtube for how to successfully flip your class I will walk you through the whole process, giving you everything you need so that at the end of 10 weeks you will not only have the know how to flip your classroom, but you will be actually doing it successfully.

I’m living on a teachers salary- It’s too expensive.

  • As a current teacher myself and single mom, I completely understand finances and budgeting. Time and money is precious.
  • That is why I have been very intentional about pricing my course and have considered important comparable courses, including graduate courses, conferences, and what an instructional coach would get paid.  
  • Also, you will be getting a certificate of completion at the end which will include the number of hours put into this course.  The hours will include all of the time it takes to learn the information, the live Q&A sessions and the average time it takes to implement the information.  This could count towards your professional development hours and I highly recommend having a conversation with your administration about it.

How is this course different from other flipped classroom courses?

  • This is a great question and one that is important to ask.
  • Other courses provide the history of the flipped classroom and benefits and then give some instruction about the key components of a flipped class and the philosophy of why a teacher should flip their class.
  • In my course, not only will you get step-by-step instructions to help you go from the traditional classroom to the flipped classroom but you will also have the support of other motivated teachers just like you and the guidance of someone who has been flipping their class for almost 10 years and is still in the classroom. Meaning, I know what it is like to be a teacher these days and I’m in the trenches with you.

Can’t I just find what I need on Google and Youtube? Why do I need to take a course?

  • That’s where I was 10 years ago. I spent hours on Google and Youtube learning the basic information about the flipped classroom and spent the first few years modifying everything through trial and error.
  • By taking the course you can avoid learning everything on your own and figuring it all out because I’ve done it all for you.  You can spend your time creating lessons and a classroom environment that you know will bring you success the first year, instead of spending hours of your time just figuring out the basics and hoping that it will work.
  • Plus you’ll be doing it with the support of other motivated teachers instead of in isolation by yourself.

How do I know if flipping my classroom is for me?

  • If you had the perfect classroom, what would it look like?, what would you be doing?, what would the students be doing?
  • Although every teacher is different, my guess is that students would be collaborating, thinking critically, engaged, and actively involved in their learning.
  • You’re here because you know that the flipped classroom is a pathway to make your vision a reality. With your willingness to commit and work while being guided by someone who has already paved the way, a community to support you, we will help your vision become a reality.

Can you explain again what this course is about and what I am signing up for?

  • When you sign up you will receive a welcoming email that includes your access to the course site. Once on the course site I will show you around to get you acquainted with it plus some goodies to help you get started.
  • Then each week you will gain access to a new lesson and materials with a reminder email that gives an overview and objective of the lesson and the actions steps to take.
  • Along with the course you’ll also get some amazing bonuses just for being a member of the course
  • Those bonuses are: Bonus #1: Private Members only Facebook group with weekly live Q&A’s (value $549) Bonus #2: The Flipped Classroom Academy Workbook (Value $67) Bonus #3: Tech Library ($447) 
  • You will also receive a certificate of completion that you might be able to use toward professional development hours.

Still "Thinking About It"?

You should give The Flipped Classroom Academy a 14 day risk-free shot if your motivated by any of the following:

You want your life back…like…really badly.

You’ve realized the importance of time with students.
You’ve made it through the last year and a half of teaching during a pandemic and you’ve realized how important and precious time with your students is. And, moving forward, you want to continue maximizing your in-class time but you're not sure how?  The flipped classroom model can help and as a teacher that has also taught during the pandemic using the flipped classroom model I can guide you. 

You don’t want your videos you made to go to waste.
You’ve made lots of videos during the pandemic and you’ve seen the power they have with teaching your students when you are not physically with them. You don’t want all that hard work to go to waste but you also are not sure what to do with them.  We can take all your effort you’ve already put into video creation and show you how purposefully use them to help students learn when they are not with you so that you can create a more engaged learning environment in your classroom. 

Your time with family, friends, and self cannot suffer anymore.
You’re tired from all the long hours that went into creating your lessons and helping your students when you were teaching during the pandemic at the expense of your family and personal time. And, you REFUSE to let that happen again. The flipped classroom model is designed to help you be more purposeful with your time you put into your class so that you actual gain more personal time back. 

You’re tired from caring more about your students learning than they do.
You're ready to stop being the giver of information with your students and instead want to become a facilitator or coach as you guide your students to take control of their learning.  The flipped classroom model is a strategy that can get you there.  So why not benefit from someone that has been successfully flipping their classroom for almost ten years and can guide you through the change. 

I personally cannot wait to guide you on your journey...

Implementing the flipped classroom model has transformed my teaching and my classroom.

I’ve experienced first hand what it feels like to transition from the giver of information to the facilitator or coach and guide my students to take ownership of their learning.

More than anything else, I want to share that with you today.

If you're a new teacher, vetran teacher, a teacher feeling the drain from teaching during a pandemic, or a teacher of any kind, you owe it to yourself to at least take the risk-free plunge to see what your life as a flipped classroom teacher looks like.

To experience firsthand the engagement, differentiation, and student ownership of learning that the flipped classroom provides- and to take real, tangible steps to transforming the lives of your students as well as your own life.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these next 10 weeks will be completely and utterly life changing for you and your students.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside The Flipped Classroom Academy.

All my best,  

Kristi Harjo

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