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I’m Kristi, I've been teaching middle school science for over 20 years and I love helping secondary science teachers turn their students into lifelong learners by incorporating technology, science skills, and SEL. As a veteran teacher of over twenty years, I have been using technology in my classroom since day one, through flipped lessons, science stations, inquiry investigations, etc. and now I want to pass my knowledge on to you.

Enroll in the Flipped Classroom Academy

A proven step-by-step, flipped classroom plan to successfully flip your class and get your students to take charge of their learning

The Flipped Classroom Academy is the only step-by-step, results-focused implementation program with proven strategies and tools that not only shows you exactly how to implement successfully the flipped classroom model, it also shows you how to get students invested in the process and eager to spend more time in class engaged in learning.

5E Instructional Model Course

Create an engaging, student-driven 5E Model Unit in just 5 days using the lessons you already have or have always wanted to do

The 5E model centers around students discovering the information through inquiry-investigations and then processing their learning and applying it. This workshop will guide you through creating lessons that will foster a students thirst for knowledge and put them in the driver's seat. By the end of the 5 days you will have a complete 5E model unit ready to go where you become more of a coach and facilitator instead of the giver of information as you guide your students through the discovery process.  As a bonus, you will also have a complete 5E model unit full of lesson plans ready to use.

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